1) To order prescription eyeglasses, you will need an up-to-date prescription from an optometrist or ophthalmologist. You also should have your PD, That is the distance between the center of your eyes when looking forward. If you do not have your PD or do not enter a PD value a average PD will be added for you but we can not guarantee this measurement will be best for you. It is best to call your optometrist and ask for your PD if it is not on your prescription form. 2) If you want the frames without prescription lenses just check 0 as values and "fashion only" in the drop downs 3) Select a frame you would like to try on. 4) Below the frames on your frame page is where you upload a photo from a file or instantly from your webcam or you can chose a model that may have similar features to try the glasses on. 4) Be sure to drag the red dots to the center of your eyes so the glasses will be the right size and scale for your face 5) Click on the "try on" tab at the top of the page and the glasses you chose will be placed on your face and you can use your curser and mouse to adjust them fit just right. 6) Save the picture and you can try on as many frames as you like until you find the perfect ones for you. 7) Click on "Buy These Frames " and you can continue shopping or go directly to check out and follow the on screen instructions. 8) Now you need to enter your prescription, use the drop down tabs to find and select the correct value that is on your prescription, make sure you enter all the values on your prescription into the right sections on the lens order form. if your prescription does not have a value that matches the sections of the order form that means that value does not apply to your prescription and is not necessary. You will then enter your PD (pupil distance) see #1. 9) Once your prescription is entered go ahead and select any options you may also want with your glasses using the option drop downs. Be sure to re-check your entered prescription and make sure it matches your prescription exactly. 10) When you are finished with your prescription options, click the 'Add To Cart' button. Note: Before contacting us with Internet browser issues, please note that we recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome with our website. We strive for compatibility with all Internet browsers, but we have found those to be the most secure and standards compliant. Firefox can be downloaded at http://www.firefox.com Google Chrome can be downloaded at http://www.google.com/chrome All mentioned software is copyrighted to their respective creators.