Find Flattering Eyeglass Frames with Our Virtual Try-On Feature

Finding the right eyeglass frames is like finding the right pair of jeans. You need to find a pair that fits your style and your shape. How can you do that if you are buying frames from an online-only eyeglass store? Simple! Try on any frame with our virtual try-on feature.

How to Virtually Try on Eyeglass Frames

The Eye Buy Express virtual try-on feature allows you to see how eyeglass frames look on either a model or yourself.

To see how eyeglass frames look on a model:

      1. Click on the eyeglass frames you want to view.
      2. Scroll down to the modeling area and click the  icon to see a selection of models.
      3. Click on the model you want to try on the selected eyeglass frames.


The frames will automatically appear on the model’s face in the correct position

To see how eyeglass frames look on you:

      1. Click on the eyeglass frames you want to view.
      2. Scroll down to the modeling area and click the icon to use your device’s camera to take your photo.
      3. Click “Allow” to make changes to your Adobe Flash settings that give permission to use your device’s camera/microphone.
      4. You will see yourself through your device’s camera. Adjust your position/posture so that you are looking straight ahead with your chin level.
        • If you are wearing glasses, take them off for the photo.
        • If you want to smile, do so slightly so that you do not squint or change the shape around your eye.
      5. Click the  icon to take a photo.
      6. Move the left  and right  pupil positioning dots to be directly over your pupils in the photo.
      7. Click the  button. The picture may rotate to make your pupils level, allowing the glasses to be positioned correctly.
      8. The selected eyeglass frames will appear superimposed on the photo. Drag them to the correct position on your face to see how the frames will look on you.

You will not need to take a new photo for each pair of eyeglass frames you want to try on. Your picture will remain in the try-on window. However, you can retake your photo at any time.

How to Order Your Eyeglass Frames

Once you have found the type of eyeglass frames that best suit you, click the “Enter Prescription” button to open an online order form that allows you to input your eyeglass prescription. (Click here for help reading your eyeglass prescription.)

Once your prescription information is entered, click “Add to Cart.” From here you may go through the same steps to order a second pair of glasses, or you may proceed to enter your billing and shipping information.

Once you complete the online ordering process, Eye Buy Express will ship your new prescription glasses in seven to ten days! Contact us if you have questions.

Trying on and ordering new eyeglass frames is easy at Eye Buy Express!