Men's Glasses Prescription, Reading and Sunglasses

Eye Buy Express has all the types of glasses men need to get prescription vision correction in the latest styles at the best prices!

Men’s Styles of Glasses

Men have a variety of options when it comes to selecting eyeglasses. At Eye Buy Express, we have a variety of styles:

  • Full-frames
    Men’s full-frame glasses include retro and “geeky” styles, many of which feature contrasting colors on the frames around the lenses and the temples. We also have many slim-frame options for a sophisticated look.
  • Semi-frame
    Men’s semi-frame glasses offer a number of sleek, slim styles.
  • Rimless
    Men’s rimless glasses offer the lightest weight and minimalist appearance to keep the focus on your eyes and face.

All styles are available in a variety of colors and shapes—aviator, oval, round, rectangular.

Considerations for Selecting Men’s Glasses

When selecting men’s glasses, you may limit your search by considering:

  • Your face shape—frame shapes should complement and balance the shape of your face. Find out which shapes are recommended here.
  • Your primary use—you may gravitate to lightweight styles for computer or reading glasses while preferring full frames for enhanced durability.

Your prescription may also determine the type of lenses you need to fit your selected frames. Contact us if you have questions.

Try on Any Pair of Men’s Glasses

Eye Buy Express makes it easy to find the right pair of men’s glasses for you. Use our virtual try-on feature to see any style of glasses on your face. When you find the flattering style you want, simply enter your prescription information and provide your billing and shipping information to complete checkout. We will ship your new men’s prescription, reading and/or sunglasses in seven to ten days!

Find all the latest styles of men’s glasses for less at Eye Buy Express!