Full Eyeglass Frames


Full frame eyeglasses provide a classic fit that complements nearly all face shapes and complexions. The classic full frame has been around for decades and has recently experienced a stylish comeback, making it one of the most popular types of glasses for young and old alike. Eye Buy Express carries a great selection of full frame eyeglasses at discount prices.

Why Consider Full Frame Eyeglasses?

Full frames create a distinctive outline around the lenses, drawing attention to the frames themselves. As a result, full frames are the type of glasses best suited for:

  • Those looking to make a fashion statement with their eyeglasses. Full frame eyeglasses have the largest frame surface area, making color variations, shapes and patterns most noticeable.
  • Those looking for the most durable eyewear. Full frames wrap completely around the lenses, providing security and resistance to bending and breaking.

Full frame eyeglasses are made with lightweight materials, so they are still comfortable for all-day or on-demand wear.

Expand Your Options with Discount Eyeglasses

Because of the cost, most people only buy one pair of eyeglasses. But the major discounts at Eye Buy Express allow you to get more than one pair to better express your individual style.

Every pair of prescription eyeglasses from Eye Buy Express is custom-made to suit your vision correction needs. We use high quality materials for lenses and frames, and we provide protective coatings to enhance the durability of the lenses and increase wearer comfort.

Order today to get your new full frame eyeglasses in less than two weeks. Simply select the style and color of your frames and provide your prescription, billing and shipping information. Returns and exchanges are easy with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Contact us with questions.

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