Rimless Eyeglasses

If you have a hard time finding frames to suit your face, rimless frames offer an attractive solution. “Invisible” frames keep the focus on you, not your glasses. Eye Buy Express has a wide selection of rimless glasses available at discount prices.

Why Consider Rimless Glasses?

Frameless glasses may be an attractive eyewear option for:

  • Those who want inconspicuous vision correction. Rimless glasses are sleek and modern, enhancing your style without drawing attention from your face to bulky full frames.
  • Those sensitive to the weight of eyeglasses. Rimless glasses are the lightest type of glasses available.
  • Those who want minimal vision obstruction. The frameless construction of rimless glasses removes all obstructions between the area covered by prescription lenses and your peripheral vision.

The minimal materials required for frameless glasses also make them one of the most affordable eyeglass options.

Considerations for Frameless Glasses

Rimless glasses offer a number of benefits, but they may not be for everyone. The lack of frame does leave rimless glasses more susceptible to bending or breaking. As a result, rimless glasses may not be best for wear during athletic activities.

While rimless glasses are well-suited to on-demand wear—i.e., computer or reading glasses—in order to prevent loosening the fit, glasses should be carefully pulled off straight-away from the face, rather than being pulled to the side in a way that requires the temple to be flexed.

Frameless glasses may require special types of thin lenses. If you have questions about the thickness of lens required to fit the rimless glasses you like, please contact us.

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