Semi-Frame Eyeglasses


Semi-frame (also called semi-rimless) eyeglasses provide a balance between the distinctive and expressive full frames and nearly invisible rimless glasses. In semi-frame glasses, lenses are secured to frames along the top (including over the bridge of the nose). On the bottom, a strong transparent cord keeps lenses in place. Eye Buy Express carries a number of semi-frame styles at significant savings.

Why Consider Semi-Frame Eyeglasses?

The “invisible” bottom frame is ideal for:

  • Those who want to accent their cheekbones.
    With no frame on the bottom edge of the glasses, semi-frame styles allow people to see the natural angles of your cheekbones.

  • Those who want minimal vision obstruction.
    People with bifocals often find that a bottom frame distracts their focus when transitioning from distance to near vision. Semi-rimless glasses eliminate the bottom frame, eliminating the vision obstruction.

Because they use less material than full frames, semi-frame eyeglasses are lighter weight, which is especially noticeable on the bridge of the nose. The feel may be a consideration for those who need vision correction at all times.

Quality Prescription Glasses for Less

Eye Buy Express is an FDA Listed lab that manufactures all lenses for our prescription glasses. We use high-quality materials and fit lenses into the same designer frames you would find at your optometrist’s office of local vision clinic. However, because we are an online-only eyeglasses store, we do not markup our glasses, so we deliver prescription eyeglasses for hundreds less.

At Eye Buy Express, you do not have to compromise quality or satisfaction for discounted prices. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee that allows you to return or exchange your glasses for any reason up to 17 days from the date of purchase. All exchanges and returns are donated to make eyewear affordable to veterans and others. Please contact us if you have questions about our online order form or return/exchange policies.

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